What is the best time to visit Paris in France

12 What is the best time to visit Paris in France

Visit Paris in France is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. The best time to visit the city is from April to June and October because it will experience mild climate. At the same time, it is advisable for visitors to know the climate of every month in detail before planning a travel.

1. January

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January is the coldest month in Paris because it experiences the maximum average temperature up to 4°C. However, it is the best season for those who want to buy various types of clothes at cheaper prices

2. February

February in Pairs still remains as the coldest month for visitors as the average temperature may go up to 8°C. At the same time, visitors can enjoy some fashion shows such as Carnaval de Pari enabling them to know more about the latest variety of clothes.

3. March

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March is a chilly season than warm and rainfall is likely to occur for 14 days. The average day temperature is around 12°C and great for carnivals such as Paris fashion week, Carnaval des Femmes, Banlieues Bleues Festival, etc.

4. April

The maximum temperature in April may go up to 16°C and visitors will likely to experience cool an rainy days. Easter celebrations are a popular one in Paris in this month and visitors can enjoy multi-course lunch and dinners.

5. May

May month in Paris experiences sunny and wild climate as daytime temperature averaging at 20°C. Visitors can attend variety of events such as European Museum Night, We love Green Festival, French open, etc.

6. June

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Visitors can experience warm and sunny days in June month and the average daytime temperature may go up to 23°C. There are many festivals hosted in this month which include Chopin Festival, World Music Day, Paris Jazz Festival, etc.  

7. July Visit Paris

July is the very warm and sunny month in Paris because the city will experience an average temperature up to 25°C. Visitors can also attend various events while making a trip.

8. August

August is the hottest month in Paris as the city will experience the daytime temperature up to 27°C.

9. September

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September is slightly cooler than August because the temperature may go down below 21°C with short days.

10. October

Autumn season arrives in this month and the city experiences average daytime temperature up to 16°C.

11. November

Temperature continues to drop in this month and the city will experience temperature up to 11°C.

12. December

It is the wettest month in Paris and the temperature falls within 5°C to 8°C.


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