Why Relationships are Important

7 Facts Relationships are Important?

Introduction: Are Relationships Important?

Relationships are an integral part of our lives. We are not accustomed to living alone without love and affection. Healthy relationships can help improve your quality of life and well-being. They can provide social and emotional support that can help you tide over most of your life challenges. The key reasons why relationships are important in your life are as follows:

Provides Support

Human beings are social. It is difficult to imagine life alone without any secure relationships. Being in a healthy relationship provides companionship, love, and affection. It also provides much-needed emotional and social support that is critical for most people. Life can be challenging, and it gives immense support and assurance to have meaningful relationships. You can share your thoughts, problems, opinions, etc. with your loved ones for finding better solutions to your life’s challenges. Talking to a loved one when you are going through mental health issues, can help you overcome it and lead a healthier life.

Helps Deal with Stress

Deal with Stress

Being in a healthy and happy relationship can help you deal with stress. Studies have indicated that people who are in a healthy relationship experience faster recovery from performing stressful tasks. Your body is also likely to produce less cortisol- a stress-inducing hormone- if you are in a happy relationship. This directly reduces the amount of stress that you experience. The social and emotional support that comes with being in a secure relationship acts as an effective barrier against stress. Couples who live together and spend quality time with each other also experience less stress and thus are healthier.

Healing Powers

Healthy relationships improve the ability of your body to heal faster. It is common to see people in healthy relationships heal faster from health issues and other challenging conditions. Married people are 3-times more likely to survive the first 3 months after undergoing heart surgery, compared to single patients. Studies also reveal that married patients are much more confident of overcoming post-surgery pain and trauma. They are also less worried about their surgery than single patients. This can be largely attributed to the love and emotional support provided to them by their partners. A little social and emotional support can go a long way in helping people heal from illness and medical procedures.

Better Health

Better Health

The modern-day hectic lifestyle has taken its toll on most people. People who are in a strong relationship are likely to lead a healthy life. Loneliness has long been linked with depression. A 2012 study on breast cancer patients revealed that those with fewer social connections showed more signs of depression, pain, and fatigue. Lack of secure relationships also led to the patients having a weaker immune system. This means that people with a lack of healthy relationships in their life are more likely to fall sick. Another study conducted by the University of Chicago concluded that loneliness can trigger high blood pressure for many years.

Longer Life

As discussed, people in secure relationships live a healthier life. Since they experience less illness and diseases, they generally live longer. People with strong relationships and social connections are 50% less likely to die prematurely. Research also adds that having a life partner can add at least 3 years to your life expectancy. Studies have been conducted to determine the impact of a lack of relationships on human life. One study has established that a lack of healthy and secure relationships can have the same impact on your life as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. It is common to see couples in a secure relationship grow old together and outlive those who lack social relationships in their lives.

Purpose and Shared Dreams

Relationships also give you a purpose in life. When you are in a healthy relationship, you can develop shared dreams with your partners. These common dreams can provide both the partners a goal to work collectively towards. You can put in your best efforts to achieve these shared dreams. Developing and sharing these common dreams can assure both the partners that they need to work together to make their relationship sustainable. You will be surprised by what you can achieve in the long run with a shared dream in a relationship.

Helps You Grow

Helps You Grow

Being in a secure and strong relationship helps you to grow as an individual. You are loved and cared for and can focus on becoming the best version of yourself. An individual in a healthy relationship is in a secure and peaceful state of mind. They can put aside their emotional and mental issues and work dedicatedly towards achieving their life goals. They know that they can return to the love and affection of their partner after a day’s hard work. Being in a healthy relationship also lets you grow emotionally and become a better individual.

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