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who is ariana grande dating New Boyfriend Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez just took a big step in their relationship and right in time for the rain on me singers birthday Ahri turned 27 this week andjust hours before hitting her milestone she and the real estate agent made things Instagram official sharing their very first photo together in the selfie Dalton wrapped his arm around Ahri and grinned stretching his other arm out to hold the camera while she cuddled up to him and hit a smile behind her sweatshirt sleeve the pop star also shared a few other pre birthday picks including a glamorous backyard selfie with her adorable pooch Toulouse and a black-and-white throwback to her childhood she captioned all of the photos almost 27 with a smiley face Dalton also appeared in another photo in Artie’s account the birthday girl we shared some of the celebratory posts her friends had tagged her in on her Instagram story including this loved upshot of her and Dalton while Ahri hid the Instagram handle.

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of the person who posted it with a black heart emoji we’d be surprised if her man wasn’t the one who posted it while this is the biggest show of affection our he’s had for Dalton on social media thus far he’s been popping up in her work in other ways the first big confirmation of their romance came when he made a cameo in her and Justin Bieber’s stuck with you music video back in May the two danced around a bedroom at first his face was out of frame but fans got to see it was in fact him when he trolled her around and gave her a kiss Dalton was also a big part of Ariana’s other summer Bob reign on me she and Lady gaga filmed a hilarious weather channel spoof to promote the song and her doting boyfriend was on hand to provide the perfect indoor rainstorm surely be dancing that’s done we’re soaking wet but soul and Ron Roger positive back to you back to you in the studio you.

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